Orchard management

I have always had a personal interest in fruit trees and their pruning. When planning an orchard, we take great care in choosing the right trees, form type and rootstock for the site. We select the most suitable species from at least 1800 different varieties.

We work with local fruit tree producers and promote local and heritage varieties, these older traditional varieties are often better suited to local site conditions than the modern cultivators. Nationally these trees are important for productivity, diversity and resilience to pets and diseases.

Fruit tree pruning is mainly carried out in the winter, however some types such as espalier apples and pears will benefit from summer pruning.

Fruit tree planting is best done in the winter when the trees are dormant.

Bee pollinating "Golden Delicious" Apple
Espalier trained "Williams Bon Chretien pear". Planted two years ago, now producing pears.

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