Arboriculture involves all aspects of the growing, pruning, shaping and maintenance of trees in the landscape, as well as enabling people and trees to co-exist in the same environment. Trees are important wherever you live, whether in a city or the countryside, both from an aesthetic and an environmental point of view. Well managed trees should be safe, look good and add value to your property.


Tree felling

Tree takedown and pruning

We are able to takedown or work on any tree in any location and are experienced in working over buildings, roads, phone lines and electric lines. We liaise with and work alongside Scottish Power for this work and working in limited space.

Chipping twigs and branches


All brash (twigs and branches) is efficiently chipped into high quality woodchip.
Woodchip makes an excellent mulch around trees and plants, it also returns humus and nutrients back into the soil .

Stump grinding

Stump grinding

Tree stumps can be unsightly and get in the way. Depending on species they can take over a decade to rot down. Our powerful stump grinder quickly and efficiently removes any size tree stump with minimal disturbance.

Crane work

Crane work

In situations with limited space and access we are experienced in working with cranes.

24 hour emergency call out

If you are concerned about a tree in a storm, or have just suffered tree damage, please don’t hesitate to call our 24hr landline on 01248 440676.

Crown reduction

To reduce the overall size of the crown, remove risk of windsnap, improve shape and balance. Improve local light availability and give more physical clearance around the tree.

Crown thinning

To give existing branches more space,improve shape,remove weak or potential problem branches, make more wind stable.

Crown lifting

Remove the lower branches of the crown. To remove deadwood, give clearance, more light beneath the crown, improve timber quality or improve visual impact.

Branches overhanging property, Bangor, Gwynedd.
Branches overhanging property, Bangor, Gwynedd.
Trees after crown lifting, giving more light and clearance from building.
Trees after crown lifting, giving more light and clearance from building. Showing a clean, straight Scots Pine tree.

Tree pest and disease diagnosis

At all stages of their life trees are susceptible to pests and diseases, both of which can cause decline and/or death of the tree. Prompt diagnosis and action is important, trees in decline should be investigated and diagnosed.

Snowdonia Tree Services are happy to come out and look at any trees you may be concerned about.

Planting and design

We give advice on suitable species to be planted taking into account customer requirements and site factors. A planting layout map is drawn up and given to our customers for their approval and records. Each year Snowdonia Tree Services plant more trees than we cut down.

Tree planting is best carried out in late autumn to early winter, this gives the tree time to settle its roots into the ground before the demands for water in spring. We offer a full range of tree protection, giving the new trees the best possible start. Depending on the site trees may need protection from any of the following: exposure, grazing livestock, rabbits, hares, voles, weeds and strimmers!

Weed control around newly planted trees gives young trees an early boost in life as they do not have to compete for water and nutrients. Weed control can be achieved by mulch mats, woodchip, or spot spraying with herbicide around the base of the trees.

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